Request Quotation

To enable us to prepare a detailed quotation for audit services, we need you to complete a basic questionnaire regarding the economic-financial data of the Company to be audited.

We provide permanent online customer service, owing to which you will receive a complete quotation by e-mail in less than 3 hours.

There are 3 ways for you to send us the information included in the questionnaire that we use to prepare your offer. Once we have received the information, we will also obtain the latest updated information on the Company available from the Companies Registry and, with all of this, we will be ready to send you our offer in a short period of time because we know you need a serious, fast and professional response. We make the difference.


 If you have the financial information of the company to be audited available now, you can fill in our online form; it will be received immediately by one of our partners and the quotation will be prepared in less than three working hours.
 If you have to search for some of the information, you can download our questionnaire and complete it at leisure. Please download our questionnaire in Word, with total security, and save it on your hard disk. You can send it to us via e-mail to This address is permanently attended by an audit partner.
 Call us directly: If you prefer to speak to us in person regarding the appointment and the data we require, do not hesitate to call us on 902 199723 and one of our audit partners will contact you shortly.