ITG Service

A tailor-made service and a high level of professionalism

 An objective, rigorous and independent audit provides critical information for shareholders, administrators and other stakeholders. 

Our specialised professionals have as their sole objective the continued improvement in the quality of the audit work we perform for national and international clients. Our multidisciplinary teams use the most advanced methodology designed by ITG Auditores, proprietary and unique at national level, developed on the basis of our study of the control and review methodologies of large multinationals. We look in depth at all the significant business processes in order to identify the risks that may affect the audited accounts. 

Our unique and personalised method provides the degree of quality that your organisation requires. This is how we make the difference. ITG Auditores can offer you this differentiating factor in the review that you seek. 


  • Auditing and review of financial statements.
  • Conversion / Analysis of impacts of the new Spanish Chart of Accounts.
  • Advisory services and training in International Accounting Standards (NIIF, US GAAP).
  • Discover the advantages of our Unique and Personalised Audit Methodology 

We develop a tailor-made audit plan that concentrates on the areas of business that affect the financial statements and which are critical for the company’s risk profile.

Servicio ITG

 The result is not only an efficient and effective audit, but a high quality audit. The early identification of weak points and opportunities for business and control enables us to concentrate our auditing efforts on the areas of highest risk without neglecting quality in the rest of the work. 

The main characteristics of our audit work are: 

  • A rational and global focus on audit methodology: ourimg_horses methodology, our focus, our experience and the technology we use enable our professionals to perform high quality audits for companies of any size.
  • Excellence in the performance of the work: in order to train our teams in such a way that they can apply our methodology and audit focus appropriately, our training system is based on continuous contact between the partner and the working team. In our case, the partners directly perform the work in risk areas.