ITG Auditores Prepared for the Global Challenge

Opportunities in times of upheaval

The world financial crisis is seriously affecting the environment in which companies operate.

The stock markets and the value of real estate assets are going down. Company financing is suffering a notable restriction. Energy and raw material prices vary tremendously. Regulatory matters and the environment increase the pressure on companies. Emerging economies are becoming important.

Despite public intervention to encourage spending and restore confidence, the majority of companies with potential are preparing to face tough conditions in the future.

Search for future success

To emerge strengthened from the crisis, you need to identify the opportunities that can advance your company and work to stand out in your market.

This is the time to strengthen your business model and to make sure your company is positioned to benefit from new opportunities for growth as soon as they appear.

Clearer, more transparent information, more reviews, more audits.

The world is demanding greater transparency. Shareholders want access to more precise and relevant information regarding companies and risks. Regulatory bodies have already begun to exercise greater control. Auditors are becoming more necessary than ever.

In today’s interconnected and interdependent markets, global coordination is a necessity. The regulatory bodies and those who create the rules must continue working together to promote global growth.

We understand that any organisation, in order to develop its potential in ideal conditions, needs a tailor-made and personal service, a successful and proven methodology and expert advice. That is our characteristic. We make the difference.

An objective, rigorous and independent audit provides crucial information for shareholders and other stakeholders.

ITG Auditores Preparados para el Reto Global

Our experienced professionals have as their sole objective the continued improvement in the quality of the audit work we perform for national and international clients. Our teams use the most advanced methodology designed by ITG Auditores, proprietary and unique at national level, developed on the basis of our study of the control and review methodologies of large multinationals. We look in depth at all the significant business processes in order to identify the risks that may affect the audited accounts.

Our unique and personalised method provides the degree of quality that your organisation requires. This is how we make the difference. ITG Auditores can offer you this differentiating factor in the review that you seek.

We design an audit plan for your company that concentrates on the areas of business that affect the financial statements and which are important for the company’s risk profile.

The result is not only an efficient and effective audit, but a high quality audit. The early identification of weak points and opportunities for business and control enables us to concentrate our auditing efforts on the areas of highest risk without neglecting quality in our work in the other areas.

The main characteristics of our audit work are:

A rational and global focus on audit methodology: our methodology, our focus, our experience and the technology we use enable our professionals to perform high quality audits for companies of any size

Excellence in the performance of the work: in order to train our teams in such a way that they can apply our methodology and audit focus appropriately, our training system is based on continuous contact between the partner and the working team. In our case, the partners directly perform the work in risk areas

Seeing through the fog 

The multiple public interventions in the financial sector may have avoided even greater damage, although times of great uncertainty are to be expected.

For this reason, it is fundamental to have a strategic view of all the risks that we may have to face. This means determining the main risks, weighing up their probability and their effects on the factors that drive each business, and developing ideas regarding the measures that should be taken.

We provide risk assessment that goes beyond financial and regulatory risks and which takes into account all the factors of the environment in which you operate. We help you to introduce effective supervision and control procedures that raise the alert at an early stage and allow you to respond quickly and efficiently.

This rigorous and disciplined manner of approaching risk management will help you protect the future of your business and confront the challenges of the recession.