We are part of the INPACT Internacional Group, one of the top 13 auditors at national level, with 250 offices throughout the world and a member of the Forum of Firms (Fof) which includes the top 20 international audit companies, including the Big Four.

We provide solutions for a continuously changing environment. We create value in our work and transmit it to our clients. We are different from our competitors because....

Our close and permanent relationship with the client leads to greater mutual understanding, favouring the successful outcome of projects. In ITG Auditores, we talk to the client and we do not impose our criteria.

The staff assigned to the work does not change every year, which facilitates communication and better understanding of the business, saving the client unnecessary disruption. For this reason we enjoy considerable customer loyalty.

Our team of professionals is highly qualified to advise and support you at all times. For us, the client comes first. We review your financial statements, we give you a technical option, and we complement the review with a complete accounting, financial and tax analysis. The costs of our services are very reasonable. We do not set out to charge the client high fees.

Noticias y eventos

21 Jun
A continuación se incluye el Índice del BOICAC nº 94 (Junio 2013) que ha sido incorporado en la página web del ICAC. Se incluye el texto completo de la Resolución de mayo por la que se dictan...
21 Jun
Principales Impactos en la entidad auditada
 Principales Impactos en la entidad auditadaNueva Ley de Auditoría de Cuentas Ley 22/2015 1.- Estructura La nueva Ley se estructura en un Título preliminar y cinco títulos, en los que...
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